• Megz Noel

Ep 1. Meg Meets Intro

Hi I’m Megz and this is the beginning of my new personal project - Meg Meets.

This is where I’ll vlog once week about my encounters and reflections.

Right now I’m reflecting…

Let’s make it Mondays!

'Meg Meets Mondays' Hmmm… I like that.

I’m still not exactly sure where this project’s gonna take me but I’m really excited to explore, play, write, meet awesome people and share the love.

It’s my hope that this project will take me to new depths where I test the limits of my vulnerability and new heights where I push boundaries and realise new potentials.

I invite you to join this journey with me, so if you have ideas of places to be, people to meet, comment below or message me.

That’s it for now, till we next meet !!!

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