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Ep 02: Meg Meets Horse Therapy

Story and Video by: Megz Noel

The horses can mirror and reflect the client’s emotional experience, and can be quite effective co-facilitators for human healing. Horse therapy or also called equine therapy has shown to be effective with many things, just to mention a few; PTSD, eating disorders, addictions, relationship difficulties and it’s for all ages.

In horse therapy the client also work alongside a mental health professional sometimes with one horse or sometimes many horses as co-facilitators in a therapeutic, healing counselling session. By just being in the presence of a horse, doing activities or grooming, the client’s are supported and guided through difficulties, improving their personal development and life skills.

Wow horses are so amazing! I also found that since there's burn out for human therapists, there's also burn out for horses as well. So that’s why Shafiqa makes sure the horses get lots of breaks and lots of cuddles.

That’s it for now, till we next meet!

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