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Ep 03: Meg Meets Broken Head

A poem based on an Australian Dreamtime story 'Three Sisters Rock' located in Northern New South Wales, just 8 kms from Byron Bay.

The poem and video is by Megz Noel The poem is read by Lani Paton


Sun shines, adventure time,

Letting down their hair Sisterhood time, summer play time Weather to be fair

To the beach but out of reach, Only the youngest one dare Brave to ditch, reckless to breach Jumped without a care Help, help, help! The current sweeps

To the sea, to despair!

Run, run, run, the sisters come Plunge valiantly the pair

But the tides took their mother’s pride Crying she can’t bear

Though the seas, swept away all three The sisters souls be spared Turned forever, to Three Sisters Rock There, if your dare to stare As a warning, for reminding,

At Broken Head beach, beware!

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